Monday, May 18, 2009

Lap Hugs

Another Collab with me and my friend Noah made some few days ago in OC1. I drew her,he drew him. Characters : Kirsche and Dulce. again. doin what they do.
His link --->

There's A fantasy

Finally, up to date [ give or take a few pictures ]

anyway,from this post on it'll most likely be nothing but recent images ,ja?

Ok, I created this using the AMAZING program Sai. It's...ugh..melts in your

I love it,I won't be using anything else possibly. [ well..I only ever used Open Canvas, which is still good sentimentally lol]

Now For The Goods

So, me and a friend of Mine ----->

Created a hentai together. Judge me,I don't care. Honestly.

Anyway, That's his character Dulce, and mine,Kirsche. My Best friend also has a character in it, and her name is Parfait.

I don't feel like explaining it unless asked.

This was done in OC1, a collaboration where I drew the female,and he drew the male. [then he inked it BEAUTIFULLY]


Image Age: 2008

This is a commision I Did for a friend of mine~

Morty Mu

Image Age: 2008

Blah, Line art that I never developed into anything :/;;

Vance D'Loure

Image Age : 2-3 years Approx
My most prized male character.

I created him..God,when I was like 14. I RP'd with him a lot etc etc w/e.

Anyway. This is one of the very few images I have drawn of him, and it's the best [though old and bleck]

It's a mess really. You can see all these errors ,and very VERY unclean. BAH. but yeah..ohwell.

Akward Odessa

So I scribbled this up on Tegaki about two years ago, Though I never developed it any further.

Shame,. I imagine her to be Harpie like ,but whatever.

Guess the Imagination ends here.