Monday, May 18, 2009

Lap Hugs

Another Collab with me and my friend Noah made some few days ago in OC1. I drew her,he drew him. Characters : Kirsche and Dulce. again. doin what they do.
His link --->

There's A fantasy

Finally, up to date [ give or take a few pictures ]

anyway,from this post on it'll most likely be nothing but recent images ,ja?

Ok, I created this using the AMAZING program Sai. It's...ugh..melts in your

I love it,I won't be using anything else possibly. [ well..I only ever used Open Canvas, which is still good sentimentally lol]

Now For The Goods

So, me and a friend of Mine ----->

Created a hentai together. Judge me,I don't care. Honestly.

Anyway, That's his character Dulce, and mine,Kirsche. My Best friend also has a character in it, and her name is Parfait.

I don't feel like explaining it unless asked.

This was done in OC1, a collaboration where I drew the female,and he drew the male. [then he inked it BEAUTIFULLY]


Image Age: 2008

This is a commision I Did for a friend of mine~

Morty Mu

Image Age: 2008

Blah, Line art that I never developed into anything :/;;

Vance D'Loure

Image Age : 2-3 years Approx
My most prized male character.

I created him..God,when I was like 14. I RP'd with him a lot etc etc w/e.

Anyway. This is one of the very few images I have drawn of him, and it's the best [though old and bleck]

It's a mess really. You can see all these errors ,and very VERY unclean. BAH. but yeah..ohwell.

Akward Odessa

So I scribbled this up on Tegaki about two years ago, Though I never developed it any further.

Shame,. I imagine her to be Harpie like ,but whatever.

Guess the Imagination ends here.

.[ Beat City ].

Image Age : about a Year Old
A character of mine ,named Dutches,I created for an RP with me and a few friends from the Tegaki E site. Its pretty bad ass.

another Tegaki Art dump

Image Age : 2 Years apprx
So,This was made..well over a year ago I believe on Tegaki E. It was for a friend of mine on the site~~

I don't draw "Furry" really, but I guess I can If I wanted. This is a very basic drawing though ,but still fun IMO ;X


Image Age : 2009
Something I did for Earthday this year

Another Tegaki E dump.

On The Fence Of Offensive

Random Tegaki Art dump disclaimer : I do not agree with or support Hitler or anything having to do with Nazism [other then their sexy ass uniforms: guilty] I use Hitler a lot in my art pieces only because his image is thus : powerful and bold with a dark lining. That is all. Eat it.

Watch Your Mouth

Tegaki E piece again.

....yeah. I started out just with the mouth, but added the eye in at random. If it doesn't make sense to you it's ok, I'm not gunna cry.

Bloo Bloods

Tegaki E is really good if you want to just do art rather quickly. Though! There are many very seriously patient artists that do much more amazing works than I, so don't be fooled by my lack of srsbznz detail haha.

I love Macabre, though many don't know it. I honestly don't have much [crycry] but I'll try and work more with that side of my brain . .

I chose to make the details rather bland, just Gothic like. Messy watery oil. Though the blood I did take care of <333

Expired V-day Treat

I know it isn't valentines anymore ,nor do I care But It's more Tegaki E doodling I did, this time of Hungary [Elizabeta] and Austria~~ They are my fav match xoxox

Cat Day :Neko.Present.

I drew this ,on Tegaki E , for cat day. Titled " Neko Present"

a like 10 or less minute doodle :)

Hungarian Delites

I'll start of with some old works of mine ,to help view minor [or major] progress.

I won't upload everything ,possibly my favourites or works I was commissioned for . Unfortunatly..I don't have much to show you,as many of my works are unreachable or I just don't feel like scrammbling for them HA. Most of my works are abit erotic , but I'll only show tasteful(sexy) works [in my opinion] .

But I'll go ahead and show a few doodles I did on a site called " Tegaki E" It's like oekaki [wiki it] but it has a way different and enjoyable layout. You comment by drawing or writing, not text. It's pretty amazing. My Username is " Melon." on the site so search me if you like [also glimpse into an archive of..oldness] . I'd like to think the site really helped me develope ,stress free! It may be simple to use, but with no layering system ,you kinda gotta patient.

The piece above I dida few months back, one of my favs~ Titled " Hungarian Delites". It's based off the Character " Elizabeta" from Axis Powers Hetalia. I rarely EVER do fanart, but I do enjoy her :)

Well This is New

I'm not at all a "Blog" person, but I was recommended to use this blog to keep a clean host for my images :)

So,I'll just be posting art and possible photography of my BJD[s]...thats about it ;D

ha. No "Depth into my life" stuff here.