Monday, May 18, 2009

Hungarian Delites

I'll start of with some old works of mine ,to help view minor [or major] progress.

I won't upload everything ,possibly my favourites or works I was commissioned for . Unfortunatly..I don't have much to show you,as many of my works are unreachable or I just don't feel like scrammbling for them HA. Most of my works are abit erotic , but I'll only show tasteful(sexy) works [in my opinion] .

But I'll go ahead and show a few doodles I did on a site called " Tegaki E" It's like oekaki [wiki it] but it has a way different and enjoyable layout. You comment by drawing or writing, not text. It's pretty amazing. My Username is " Melon." on the site so search me if you like [also glimpse into an archive of..oldness] . I'd like to think the site really helped me develope ,stress free! It may be simple to use, but with no layering system ,you kinda gotta patient.

The piece above I dida few months back, one of my favs~ Titled " Hungarian Delites". It's based off the Character " Elizabeta" from Axis Powers Hetalia. I rarely EVER do fanart, but I do enjoy her :)

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